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The menu reflects Brasserie L'Ecole's approach to using seasonal, locally available products cooked in a classic French-country style.


February 2018

Stuffed Medjool Date, Roquefort, walnuts| 3

Kusshi Oyster on the Half Shell, house mignonette| 4

Crispy Pig Head Croquette, lemon aioli, cornichons, mustard seeds | each 5

Soupe à l’Oignon Gratinée, bacon, Gruyère crouton | 10

Frites, Parmesan, garlic, parsley, truffle oil | 10

Endive Salad, bacon, apple, hazelnuts, mustard wine dressing | 11

Warm Lentil Salad, smoked hock, walnuts, lettuce, chèvre, vinaigrette | 16

Crispy Pork Belly, spiced kale, Picholine olives, lemon aïoli, puffed rice | 16

Hock & Head Terrine, salsa verde, chicharrons, mustard seed, fingerlings | 15

Two Rivers Charcuterie, Cabra al Vino, Picholine olives | 24

Salt Spring Island Mussels | 18

Moules & Frites | 24

Trout, brassicas, pommes gaufrettes, roasted carrots, caper aïoli |  26

Rockfish, semolina gnocchi, squash purée, leeks, kale | 26

Wagyu Shin, potatoes, king oyster mushrooms, kale shoots, herb yogurt | 31

Berkshire Sausage, white beans, sauce mornay, spinach, crispy onions | 26

Quinoa Fritters, carrot purée, mushrooms, leek, chèvre, kale, squash, dill | 24

Brasserie Burger, bacon, Gruyère cheese, grain mustard aïoli| 20

Steak Frites, red wine & shallot sauce, Roquefort butter

8 oz Certified Angus Beef Bavette| 30

10 oz AAA New York Striploin| 38

12 oz Certified Angus Beef Sirloin| 35

16 oz AAA Rib Eye| 50

20 oz Bone-in Certified Angus Beef New York Striploin | 60